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The Next Generation

We recognise that the need for businesses to consider succession planning to ensure the future of their business is crucial. Part of this is understanding the ideas and concerns of the younger generation. We have created a sub board of FESPA UK, which is made up of a representative body of 18-30 year olds working with in Print & Signage, who want to make lasting changes for the future of the industry. 

Our "Next Generation Committee" will work alongside the FESPA UK team and our board to help create a voice for the younger generation.  They will focus on creating events and initiatives that are beneficial to the next generation working in our sector and will be the conduit between the industry and young people who are looking for an exciting, vibrant and varied career path.

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The Next Generation So Far...

Members of the Next Generation Committee

Lauren's background in Printed Graphics/signage

I am a Customer service manager/ Project manager for stylographics. This means I not only liaise with the customer on what printing needs they have but I also see the job through the production line, I feel this gives me more pride in my work as I get to see it being produced from the initial idea to the final product.

I have been at Stylo just over a year and I absolutely love working In my role, I have never worked in the print industry before stylographics but I now cannot imagine not working within the industry.

Why be a part of the Next Generation Committee?

I believe the next gen committee and our events are important as they not only connect the younger generation working within the print industry but it gives us the opportunity to learn from each other and hopefully build long lasting professional relationships. Adding onto this I believe it gives the younger generation a chance to explore how to socialise professionally and build up confidence within doing this, a skill I think is being damaged by social media due to us now being able talk to someone with a click of a button rather than build the connections in person. To summarise I believe it’s an excellent chance to not only grow connections for the younger generation in print but to also grow professional social skills.

Lauren Brown


Alex Pollard.jpg

Alex's background in Printed Graphics/signage

I am currently a Contracts Manger at RMC Digital Print. My daily tasks include dealing with customer enquiries. This can include quoting for jobs, chasing leads and finalising jobs through to production. I work closely with our pre-press team to ensure the artwork, sizing and materials are fit for the job. I also liaise with our production team to ensure jobs are out on time and to the highest standard . I began my career in print as an apprentice contract assistant, also with RMC Digital Print, in 2020.

Why be a part of the Next Generation Committee?

With an industry predominantly occupied by experienced print specialists , I feel now is the right time for the younger generation to bring in new and exciting ideas to help grow and develop the signage and print industry.

Alex Pollard
RMC Digital Print



Jake's background in Printed Graphics/signage

I started my journey in print at aged 14 by launching a small-scale mug printing business, initially when I started, I used to provide charities and not for profit organisations in Blackpool with cost effective promotional items and printing services.

After leaving high school I started to grow the business and expand into new areas. Eventually I found myself in the world of embroidery and branded workwear. It was through being on the other side of the table, outsourcing embroidery and clothing that I realised the need for a quality trade exclusive embroidery and branded workwear provider.

In my role as Managing Director of Trade Embroidery, I am responsible for the strategic direction of the company as well as overseeing Customer Service, Sales, Marketing and Operations. My role as MD allows me to be in touch with every facet of the company as well as developing and implementing streamlined processes to improve the businesses efficiency for our customers.

Why be a part of the Next Generation Committee?

Being apart of the Next Generation Committee alongside FESPA UK is a great honour for me. I am fortunate that as young business owner under 30, I can share my experiences and mistakes with other young people who are starting their career journeys within the print industry. Through the work of the Next Generation Committee, I am confident that we can make the printing industry attractive to young people, leaving education who are looking for a challenging and rewarding career.

Jake Adams 
Trade Embroidery 



Chad's background in Printed Graphics/signage

My role in my job at Stylographics is all the printing side of things , printing all the graphics cleaning and maintaining the printers so we can always print perfect graphics with no problems, I have been here 4 years now after being a apprentice for 2 years I am now able to run all the printers we have here at Stylographics and use our programs for the machines.


Why be a part of the Next Generation Committee?

The next generation committee in my opinion is a very good idea as it will bring a lot of younger people into the graphics industry that have never heard of it like myself and open them to trying things in the graphics industry, events are a very good way to bring people in as things like training days and events can show people things they have never seen before which could lead them to starting a career in graphics.

Chad Bekker



Isabel's background in Printed Graphics/signage

My current role at ImageCo is in the studio creating artwork and preparing files to print. I ensure that everything is set up correctly , using the correct colours, cutters, pre-sets etc. I have currently been working in the printed graphics and signage industry for about three months, meaning that I can't wait to see what my future in the print industry brings and what more skills there are to learn!


Why be a part of the Next Generation Committee?

I believe the next gen committee and our events are important because they provide a wider sense of community and friendship within the industry. The use of events are a perfect opportunity for like-minded young people to socialise and create new connections within the industry.

Isabel Shanahan


Neve Scott.jpg

Neve's background in Printed Graphics/signage

I am a Senior Account Manager at FaberExposize UK/ Northern Flags. I am responsible for building and maintaining strong client relationships, developing account strategies and identifying new opportunities to grow accounts. I also coordinate with our internal teams to organise print campaigns from quotation stage through to production and despatch to ensure projects are delivered on time. I started my first role as a sales estimator in 2018 so this is my 5th year in the print industry.


Why be a part of the Next Generation Committee?

After being in the industry for 5 years and having attended a few networking events, I noticed I was always one of the youngest there. Although I found it a great way to build my confidence being around more experienced people, I wanted to meet people who I was sharing my print journey with and create more contacts to grow with the industry. The Next Generation Committee is important as it allows younger people to step out of their comfort zone, build a network of their own and showcase the different career paths that are available in print and signage industry.

Neve Scott
Faberexposize UK/ NorthernFlags



Ruari Morris
Kene Partners

Ruari's background in Printed Graphics/signage

Whilst not working within print, signage, and graphics directly, at Kene Partners I’ve been able work with several clients in the industry to claim back R&D expenditure from HMRC. The intricacies and variables involved in manufacture make it so interesting. Some of my favourite projects have been working with companies experimenting with inks, and re-engineering machinery.   


Why be a part of the Next Generation Committee?

I want to be a part of the Next Generation Committee so that I can help bring an outside perspective and share themes that I’m seeing across other industries; but most importantly to support the new pool of talent learn and develop their skills in role, and have an enjoyable experience as they begin their career.

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