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Why Join FESPA UK?

🚀 Unparalleled Networking Opportunities:

Connect with like-minded individuals, industry leaders, and visionaries who share your passion and drive. Forge valuable relationships that will not only enrich your professional network but also inspire personal growth.

🎓 Exclusive Resources:

Stay at the forefront of your field with access to a wide range of online resources, a variety of networking events, our Sustainable Waste Academy courses & consultancy, alongside corporate benefits from R&D tax credits, financial advice, grant searches, technical know-how guides & market information such as the FESPA global census.


🤝 Collaborative Community:

Experience the strength of unity within a community that values collaboration over competition. Together, we achieve more, support each other's goals, and celebrate collective successes.


🌐 Global Reach, Local Impact:

Join a diverse community that transcends geographical boundaries with our 36 FESPA global associations. While we have a global presence, we pride ourselves on making a positive impact at the local level, ensuring that our members feel connected and supported.


🏆 Supporting the future of our Industry:

Our Next Generation in print, signage and graphics training days help to educate and empower younger people who work within our industry, offering them a chance to create their own network for the future.


🌟Club VIP:

Our members receive priority booking and discounts on all courses, events and enjoy VIP Club FESPA access at the FESPA Global Expo's and Wrap Fest.



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