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Waste Accreditation

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Why our Waste Accreditation?

At FESPA UK we believe in fostering a sustainable future for businesses within Print & Signage. Our Waste Accreditation Program is designed to recognise and celebrate the efforts of companies committed to environmental, social, and economic responsibility. By obtaining our accreditation, you not only showcase your dedication to sustainability but also gain a competitive edge in today's conscious market.


Key Benefits:

Enhanced Reputation:

Boost your brand image by demonstrating a commitment to sustainable waste management practices.

Gain recognition as a socially responsible and environmentally conscious company.

Market Leadership:

Stand out in your industry as a pioneer in sustainability.

Attract eco-conscious customers and partners who prioritise ethical business practices.


Cost Savings and Efficiency:

Identify and implement sustainable practices that lead to operational efficiencies and cost savings.

Showcase your commitment to reducing industry waste.


Employee Engagement:

Foster a positive and purpose-driven workplace culture.

Attract and retain top talent who value working for socially responsible companies.


Access to Networks:

Join a community of like-minded businesses committed to sustainability.

Gain exposure through our network and collaborations.


Assessment Process:

Initial assessment is a desk top exercise to understand your current waste management methodologies and associated costs.

A site meeting and environmental audit can then be arranged to fully understand production processes, waste material outputs and services in place.

We can then go to the relevant waste/recycling markets and collate our recommendations to maximizing sustainability and minimizing/reducing costs.


Gaining the Accreditation:

Once you have been assessed you will receive a written summary of your outlined plan, on proceeding with our services you will receive your accreditation logo and you will be able to celebrate your achievements upon accreditation.


Keeping your Accreditation:

You will be reassessed annually to ensure that all the processors are still in place and standards are being maintained.

Join Us in Building a Sustainable Future!

Embark on the journey toward sustainability excellence and together, let's make a positive impact on the industry.


Contact us today to start your Sustainability Accreditation journey!

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