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FESPA UK Association launch new sustainability scheme alongside Prismm Environmental.

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

FESPA UK Association are in a very unique position as we work with a variety of sectors within the print industry. Our members vary from Wide Format, Textile, Corrugated to the more traditional Screen Printing method, but what all our members have in common is they want to be able to dispose of their waste materials responsibility and send as little of it as possible to landfill. By working with Prismm Environmental we aim to offer a totally impartial waste management scheme, so no matter where or who a printer buys their substrates from, they will not be tied in to any one provider to dispose of their waste.

FESPA UK’s aim is to bring as many printers together and then as a collective group build an infrastructure to responsibly dispose of as many types of substrate waste as possible. Because we deal with a large proportion o

f the print sector, we believe that we are best placed to bring the industry together and work towards a better waste management system.

By joining together we can be begin to create local pockets of collection points, maximising the amount of waste material collected from individual printers in a particular region, and by grouping the smaller amounts from each printer together we will make the amount big enough to be of use to a recycler.

If you would like to register to be a part of our new waste management scheme, please fill out our Waste Management Registration Form.

We will be discussing the launch of our waste management scheme even further at the Future of Print Industry Forum event. Moving away from the traditional presentation style conference, we are hosting an open forum style event, where our delegates will be encouraged to take part in the conversation.


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