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All Print Supplies Case Study: CVI Group – a car wrap to train an industry

CVI Group specialises in graphic applications, including vehicle wraps, architectural wraps, window manifestation, solar films, and race graphics. It also delivers training programmes across the graphics industry and provides contract labour around the UK.

As part of its work demonstrating graphic solutions, the company needs to stay ahead of the latest graphic product developments and rigorously test them itself, to understand exactly how they work and the benefits and improvements they deliver to end-users. 

As his latest testbed, Owner/Director Chris Edwards chose his own Audi A4 and the Fedrigoni Ultimate Slide & Tack C50/C30 wrap supplied by us here at All Print Supplies.

The Ultimate Slide & Tack is an innovative, self-adhesive solution activated by heat, rather than pressure, meaning, according to Chris, that unlike many other wraps it can be easily positioned and repositioned before adhesion takes place.

Chris found the product delivered outstanding conformability across the vehicle’s concave and convex surfaces. Ultimately, this made for a quicker, more aesthetically pleasing job, with fewer fillets, inlays, and overlays needed, and fewer visible joins.

The wrap even proved more cost-effective and sustainable to apply than its nearest similarly activated competitor, requiring less heat. The colours, too, were exceptional – bright, vibrant pinks, greens, and purples, with none of the typical “whiting” of the ink caused by stretching.

Proof positive that Fedrigoni Ultimate Slide & Tack is up to the job you have in mind.

”In 20 years in this industry, I’ve yet to come across a product that does what this one does so well – the nearest competitor is a mile away.”  Chris Edwards, Owner/Director at CVI Group

Repositionability and a fine layer of heat-activated adhesive means blemish-free surfaces with no tell-tale collapsed channels.

Outstanding conformability draws the design perfectly into every recess and contour, with little or no need for inlays, overlays, and fillets.


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North sales: T 01709 829800

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