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Future of Print Industry Forum

With rising material costs, supply chain issues and increasing pressure on printers to become more sustainable and environmentally aware in order to win those valuable contracts, how do printers survive and grow against these daily challenges?

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Event Content 

12:00 - 13:25

1 hour 25 minutes

Arrival & networking lunch

13.25 - 16:45

3 hours 20 minutes

Session 1: Discussion leaders from: AGFA, Dawn Hampton Consultancy, Macro Art and HP UK. 


Increasing material costs
Can printers remain profitable with the price increases?

Is it time to have those difficult conversations? 
Can the increases be distributed throughout the supply chain?
How are other dealing with the problem?


Disruption to the supply chain

Are there affordable alternatives, that have been tried and tested?

Should we buy more locally rather than paying for shipping fees from abroad, what are the options?


Becoming more efficient

Developing workflow systems and embracing change, what can be done to take those first steps to start the process without too much investment?


Planning for success

Contracts are twice as hard to secure, how do we stay one step ahead in uncertain times?

Session 2: Discussion leaders from: Prismm Environmental, Carbon Quota, Swanline Group, ImageCo, and Soyang Europe. 

Waste management
The project so far!
What are the main obstacles printers must overcome?

How is the project moving forward?

What solutions have been sourced from the information gained from the initial project?
What’s Next?


The sustainable revolution

How do printers stay one step ahead?

How can printers use sustainability to grow their business?

Is the sustainable journey cost effective and are the materials & tools readily available?

Can printers use the sustainability angle to increase their revenue and brand awareness? 
How do we measure the value of sustainability?

Time & Location

10 Mar, 12:00 – 16:45

The Riding School, Hatfield House , Great North Rd., Hatfield AL9 5HX, UK

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