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We are pleased to offer FESPA UK members an exclusive discount on all courses ran by Make it Happen Signage Consultancy.

Korean Street Neon Signs

​Historically, our industry has not relied on training to any great level; with the exception of selected apprenticeships, it is fair to say that the training available to our industry has been minimal. 

The benefits of training are multiple, but in the sign and print industry it is just not something we have traditionally invested in. This is typically because ‘we know what we know’ and it has worked perfectly fine so far; however, training improves workforce confidence and competency, which in turn provides your customers with a better service and increased profitability.

The opportunities that training can offer are not limited to materials and products, there is benefit to sharing ideas in a group and talking through experiences.

Demonstrating that you invest in training will help you gain the reputation for being up to date with the latest materials, products and techniques. This will also show your workforce your commitment in their personal and professional development.

Make it Happen offer three types of training: ​

  • The Signage Bootcamp -A comprehensive overview of fabricated and illuminated signage

  • On The Frontline - Improve performance, efficiency, relationships and profitability

  • The Sustainability Bootcamp -  Future-proof your business to encourage green buyers

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Next Available 2024 Course Dates: 

On the Frontline 

17th January - Scotland 

31st January -Leicester 

8th February - Leicester 

14th March - Leicester

3rd April - Leicester 

23rd May - Leicester 

27th June - Leicester 

11th July - Leicester 

The Signage Bootcamp

16th January - Scotland 

30th January - Leicester 

7th February - Leicester

13th March - Leicester 

2nd April - Leicester 

22nd May - Leicester 

26th June - Leicester 

10th July - Leicester

The Sustainability Bootcamp

18th January - Scotland 

6th February - Leicester 

12th March - Leeds 

23rd April - Leicester 

21st May - Leeds 

25th June - Leicester 

9th July - Leeds

Contact the Make It Happen Team to book: 

Landline: 0116 2582513
Sam Armstrong: 07595 071288 

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