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Embrace Building Wraps making buildings look merry & bright again!

Embrace make merry at Merry Hill. Building wrap revitalises elevation of shopping centre.

Merry Hill Shopping Centre near Birmingham has recently undergone some major works to the exterior of the centre with a new-look long-term exterior cladding to most of the building façade.

The remaining section that has not yet been addressed is to the rear of the centre overlooking the bus station. Potential development in this area is still a possibility in a few years’ time. Whilst this capital expenditure is being considered there is a need to improve and brighten up the visual appearance as the area is looking very tired and has fallen victim to regular vandalism by local youths.

Embrace were on hand to wrap the complex shape of the rear elevation in bright printed graphics for real estate giant Savills, working closely with the creative partner Portman Design.

Our expert solution included a wide range of building wrap techniques deployed in harmony for the best possible outcome. Fifteen defunct illuminated light panels across the

upper level of the bus station were covered individually, and the glazed atrium above a main entrance was wrapped using a colour-printed one-way file to allow light to still flood in to the centre. The complex shape of the glazed curtain wall panel to the rear of the Hollywood Bowl presented another unique challenge, with the solution spanning nine individual faces and measure 750 square metres and being supported by anti-vandalism measures at the lower levels.

Greg Forster, Managing Director at Embrace Building Wraps, commented: "We are delighted to be working with Merry Hill Shopping Centre and the challenge presented to us. By working closely with the centre and their architects we have been able to find neat solutions that met all the requirements entirely. The creative design is so bright, the colours really pop out and the elevation has been completely transformed."


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