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FESPA UK Announce new star signing!

FESPA UK are super proud to announce that the star striker David Bunker, of Compass Business Finance will be joining the dream team heading into the next season in the print industry.

David has been a director of Compass Business Finance since April 2019, when he took an equity stake in the business to work alongside brothers Mark and Jamie Nelson, who founded Compass in 2005.

Prior to joining Compass, David spent the majority of his career at Close Brothers Asset Finance in a number of senior roles, ending his time there as assistant managing director of the company’s Print and Packaging finance team. Over the past 29 years, David has been focused on new business origination, sales leadership and stakeholder management across the print, packaging & engineering sectors. He’s gained a strong reputation for funding and supporting a significant number of M&A deals within the graphic arts industry. In addition to leading the print business, he established Close Brothers GmbH in Germany and helped design and create an intercompany innovation platform. David is a Batchelor of Arts in Economics and gained an MBA with Distinction from Henley Business School in 2012 where he’s a member of the Henley Business Angels. Here’s what David had to say about joining our board:

Compass became members of FESPA in 2019 at the Global Print Expo in Munich and are delighted to work with all of the members of FESPA UK and the FESPA UK Board.

David said:

“We have had a long relationship with FESPA UK and it’s members. The association is now growing in size and vibrancy, but it’s still really about community and what [value] members can add to each other”

We are excited for the not-so-distant future and collaborating on a range of projects which is a mutual feeling with David. He is keen to “focus on issues that matter to members, around training, skill shortages, sustainability and just helping companies grow. That’s where we as Compass Business Finance can come in and try and bring our experience into the community”.

With the board member transfer window now closed we look forward to a productive term with all of our new board members and seeing some industry changing developments in technology, education and sustainability. If you aren’t already acquainted with David, please take the time to introduce yourself and get to know him and the Compass Business Finance team!


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