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New report gives strong green light for MacroArt’s Sustainability Strategy

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Leading wide-format print, graphics, and branding specialist MacroArt is seeing a positive impact of its Sustainability Strategy with its latest independent report, confirming significant reductions in carbon emissions.

The key benchmark in the report that allows consistent year-on-year measurement of carbon emissions is CO2e per m2 of material. This has been steadily decreasing since 2019 and now stands at a 24 per cent reduction and clearly shows that MacroArt remains on track towards the fundamental goal of reducing its carbon footprint by 50 per cent by 2030.

MacroArt’s Sustainability Strategy builds on the substantial work instigated since 2019, and sets sustainability at the heart of its business, based on five pillars, under the acronym MACRO – Measure, Activate, Change, Recycle, and O representing its commitment and roadmap to net zero.

The new report shows the impact of these pillars and how initiatives are driving the business towards achieving, not only its interim target of reducing carbon but the longer-term goal of net zero.

Driven by MacroArt’s dedicated Sustainability Committee, the business has evaluated all operations, from sourcing and production to installation and recycling of materials. The annual CO2e per m2 measurement establishes a truly accurate picture of MacroArt’s environmental impact and drives quantifiable and realistic improvements across every element of its operations.

Data from the report shows the impact of a strong programme of sustainability initiatives across the business. These include more environmentally friendly and responsible material sourcing, greener production and installation methods, highly focused waste streams for improved recycling, and fully audited waste management with zero to landfill.

Michael Green, MacroArt’s Managing Director, said: “So many businesses have misconceptions of just how green they are, but we wanted to know the truth so we could plan for effective change and know the impact each implementation would have.”

A prime example of the powerful initiatives already underway, has been the ICE gaming event at Excel London in February. Clients sourcing graphics from MacroArt at the event enjoyed a guaranteed full turnkey print, install, dismantle and take back service for their stand graphic prints, ensuring that all materials were captured and brought back for recycling correctly.

MacroArt has also recently invested in several new software programmes, which allow for a seamless processing of artwork files through production, minimising waste and maximising efficiency, and all without the need for manual intervention.

In addition, more efficient new equipment acquisitions have helped to both reduce waste throughout the production process and maximise efficiencies in material and energy use.

Commenting on the report and the roadmap set out by MacroArt, David Humphreys, Director at Green Circle Solutions and the independent producer of the report added; “I am extremely impressed by the commitment of the team at MacroArt. It is rare to find a business so open to understanding its true environmental impact and using this insight to establish a basis for continued real change and improvement.”

Michael Green concluded; “Sustainability is no longer an optional extra for companies today – it needs to be ingrained in the very operating system of a business.

“Our Sustainability Strategy informs and directs everything that we do at MacroArt, which we demonstrate by our actions and the results of our latest report. We intend to remain at the very forefront of this vital process”.


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