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Latest Addition to the FESPA UK Board!

Following on from the news about Magnus Mighall joining the FESPA UK Board, we are pleased to announce that Ella Heather, co-owner of The Sustainable Signage Co will also be joining the FESPA UK board. The Sustainable Signage Co offer plastic free signage and display solutions to help you reduce, reuse and recycle, based in Bridgnorth, Shropshire.

Ella has been in the print industry for about 4 years focusing on sustainability in print and lots of years in large format out of home advertising which gave her a real insight into the sheer volume of material that ends up in landfill. Ella commented: “Things are starting to change in advertising and print but not fast enough and without enough encouragement which I'm keen to promote!”

FESPA UK have been working hard over the past year to make huge waves in the sustainability of the printing sector and make it more environmentally friendly through our waste management initiative. This is something Ella has been working on off of her own accord and we are interested in how it can benefit the wider FESPA UK community: “I focus on reducing the wider environmental impact of print particularly the signage sector by considering alternative or more efficient ways of doing things and bringing organisations together to offer increased sustainability. We have been looking at how signage companies can offer more than just alternative materials and what the benefit will be to the customer.”

Of course, all of the plans on developing our sustainability initiative can only materialise from the backing and support from the FESPA UK network, a challenge that Ella and the rest of the FESPA UK board are looking forward to overcoming.

“The biggest changes will happen by information sharing and increasing everyone's awareness and knowledge of sustainable materials and practices. I'd like to work with FESPA to facilitate this and make it easier for printers and sign manufacturers to offer increased sustainability. Making it easy for signage manufacturers to offer sustainable solutions and helping them sell the added value that this brings, will be key to increasing sustainability in print and overcoming objections that sustainability costs more; if someone can see the value in something they will be more willing to pay for it.”

We are excited to be working with Ella over the coming months, particularly with her insight into sustainability which we have already begun to develop within the association, with our waste management initiative. It will be great to have Ella and her team help us develop our ideas even more. If you aren’t already in acquainted with Ella and her team at The Sustainable Signage Co, please take the time to get to know her and the team and welcome her to the board.


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