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Installation Standards Academy

An industry wide accreditation for the vehicle wrap community, awarded by impartial, industry renowned FESPA UK experts that recognise all brands of vinyl. Supporting the skillset of application, opposed to the application of specific brands. 

Our Accreditors

Paige 1.jpg

Paige Walton
S6 Customs/ The Vehicle Wrap Academy 

Paige has been in the industry xyz years...
Specialising in xyz....

Paige will be providing training in the South and Midlands

Chris Edwards
CVI Group 

Chris has been in the industry xyz years...
Specialising in xyz....

Chris will be providing training in the North and Midlands


About our Industry Standards

​1. Apply to be accredited.
2. Attend the training and assessment days. 
3. Become a FESPA UK recognised wrapper
4. My accreditation is up for review, one of our impartial accreditors will inspect one of your wrap jobs at an undisclosed time. The quality inspection will determine whether we re-award the accreditation  


If you are interested in booking onto one of our courses and becoming accredited by FESPA UK installation wrap standards please email or phone Suzi Ward on the below: 


01226 321202

Where & When

We offer training at three key locations in the country,  whether you are located in the North, South or Midlands our training is accessible to as many as we can. 


20th November 2023 (FULLY BOOKED)
16th January 2024


15th December 2023
5th March 2024 (FULLY BOOKED)


27th January 2024
14th March 2024

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