The Future of Print Conference 2019

July 27, 2020

The future of Print Conference addressed the challenges, and proposed strategies to respond positively. Manufacturing is moving into a totally digitally managed age with the adoption of big data providing the structure in which all processes are monitored, measured, controlled and managed.

The printing industry already has high-level competences in colour management, Management Information Systems, logistics planning and process control. It has to go further in the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (Ai) and creating an effective digital infrastructure.

With a few notable exceptions, the printing industry consists of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s.) There are those who feel that advanced manufacturing is only for the “Big Boys.” This is not the case.

All companies can benefit from the techniques. In fact, if they are not able to interconnect with their supply chain and customers, then they may be left behind.  The Print is Manufacturing showed all practitioners how embracing the techniques and culture will allow them to thrive.

In simple terms, The future of Print Conference showed how to: improve productivity, reduce costs, embed innovation, de-risk the use of technology.