13th March 2018
Textile Centre of Excellence, Huddersfield

FESPA UK Association


This one day event was packed with presentations, displays, and demonstrations.

The presentations were given by a range of hand picked experts, all of whom are from within the textile printing industry, and cover a range of topics spread out over the conference.

Topics & Speakers

Mutlu Chaouch Orozco, Digital Innovation Analyst, WTiN
Topic - Global Digital Textile Market Overview

Recent global surveys have confirmed the growth of the printed textile market. Mutlu will expand on these findings. Are they correct? Which areas show the greatest promise? How these findings affect your business strategy. Vital information for your future development.

Mark Harrop, CEO, WhichPLM
Topic - Digital Disruption in Fashion

Will we be buying fashions online that are fully customised to our needs? Will a customer visit a shop and leave with a unique garment. Have a glimpse of the way fashion and digital technologies intersect, and weave in the challenges that come with consumer engagement, competition, and time to market, transparency and marketing.

Gavin Thatcher - Managing Director of Stead McAlpin
Topic - Analogue and Digital, Together or Alone?

Stead Mcalpin have been printing since 1835 and Gavin has taken over the helm to guide the company in an increasingly digital age. He understands how the mix of digital and analogue technology can serve the needs of his customers and allow his team to provide innovative solutions.

Dr Simon Daplyn – Marketing Manager of Sensient Imaging Technologies
Topic - Selecting the Right Textile Ink for Your Brand

Selecting the right ink for your application is influenced by the fabric, process and compliance requirements. Simon will give an overview of the different ink types available and their suitability for digitally printing which fabric types. He will also discuss the growing requirements to fit comply with regulations for brands and the push to become more environmentally responsible.

Debbie McKeegan – The Digetex Group
Topic - Design and Print in a Personalised World

Debbie is an internationally renowned practitioner in textile design and print. She speaks of real world opportunities and challenges in the industry. Her expertise covers interior design, fashion and point of sale. If it is textile, Debbie has probably printed it.

Tian Carey – Researcher in Graphene Technology at the University of Cambridge
Topic - Wearable Electronics with Printable 2D Materials

Tian has been working with a team of researchers who have successfully incorporated washable, stretchable and breathable electronic circuits into fabric, opening up new possibilities for smart textiles and wearable electronics. The circuits are made with cheap, safe and environmentally friendly inks, and printed using conventional inkjet printing techniques. Tian will explain the opportunities for adopting these technologies in a commercial environment.

Bill Macbeth – Managing Director of Textile Centre of Excellence
Topic - Where Textiles meet Science Fiction

The TCE is leading the development of skills and technology in the UK industry. One of their projects is the Multiple Laser Surface Enhancement (MLSE,) it produces technically superior products and significantly reduces the environmental impact of materials processing in a sector that traditionally uses high levels of water, energy and chemicals.

Robin East – Managing Director of CMYUK Digital Limited
Joel Willcock – Sales Manager of CMYUK Digital Limited
Topic - Digital Textile Printing – Soft Signage to Interior Décor

Robin and Joel will be discussing the latest digital print equipment and materials for textile printing. Covering the textile movement through the sign and display sector over the last 5 years, and how the equipment and materials have changed. They will look at textile applications within sign, display and retail and also look at the new emerging markets that are developing from the simple retail frame into décor, design and architectural graphics. They will present quotes, data and imagery from leading manufacturers, designers, printers and research experts within this field.

In summary – providing you, the audience with historic and future detail on how digital textile printing is developing within the traditional wide format print sector.



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