Banner Box


We know Banner Box as wide format textile printers, although vital to their business it is just one of their many processes and products. A member of the Specialist Canvas Group, Banner Box produces a host sewn, bonded and printed products as diverse as flags, flag poles, awnings, tents, tepees, medical isolation units, bags, sewn containers, and many other products that suit their skills and equipment.
Flags are not only printed but also sewn. Here you see a video of the Union Flag being produced:

One of their products a tipi configuration is finding many applications in private and corporate events. Starting in production with cut pieces of canvas the final product is a startling construction for a celebration.
Tipis in ProductionFinished TipisFlags
MarqueesProtective CoversCustom Made Bags

It is this diversity that has made Banner Box so successful a mix of entrepreneurship, innovation, flexibility, hard work and determination. To find out more speak to Paul Noble or visit their website on

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