Releasing the Potential of Recycled Papers


Award winning UK manufacturer Techlan Ltd has recently become a member of FESPA UK. The company manufactures a low cost, high quality, silicone release paper that is the most sustainable in the world.

Silicone release papers are used on any self-adhesive product such as a label, signs, stickers, graphic overlays and point of sale products. If a product or process is sticky, it will need a silicone release paper.
Techlan's innovative technology has taken five years to develop and enables it to manufacture a 100% recycled silicone release paper, that retains the base paper and release characteristics of virgin paper - but at a far lower price.

Companies assume that to reduce costs they have to introduce a lower grammage paper. This is not the case. Current virgin paper can be replaced with a product that is cheaper and of a higher quality. Techlan customers enjoy a combination of lower purchase costs together with a higher quality product.

Director Mark Thompson explains: "We initially ran trials with a company that was printing self-adhesive labels. It was printing onto a plastic film and then screen printing an adhesive onto the back, before applying a 70gsm silicone release paper to the adhesive. The labels were then die cut and shipped to the customer. Techlan was able to supply a lower cost release paper that was bright white and 100gsm.

Not only did the printer reduce its costs, but they also improved the overall appearance of their sticky label. Their customer was delighted too as their product not only looked and felt better, but it also added sustainability into the supply chain and reduced their environmental impact."

Techlan is able to offer immediate dispatch on stock items and there are very short lead times on papers converted to customer specific widths/lengths in reel or sheet format.

Techlan products are approved by blue chip organizations in the UK and its products are now supplied to several EU countries.

It has received significant support from the Welsh Government and WRAP Cymru.

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