Exile to Launch New Affordable CtS System


Billed as the world's first truly affordable Computer to Screen solution the FREEStyler will be launched at Printing & Promotion Live on 28 February.

The exciting new machine will be introduced by UK Association Member, Exile Technologies. They are also planning to have the FREEStyler on show at FESPA Textile in Amsterdam in March.
The FREEStyler will have a UK list price of £9.995.00 and use a low cost disposable Ink jet printer cartridge design with a specially developed "UV-Block" black ink for enhanced UV density. Exile Technologies say it will free screen printers from having to use costly film positives. Instead the image or stencil is digitally printed directly on a normal emulsion coated screen.

After imaging, the screen is ready for immediate exposure without the need for a glass or vacuum and the water based ink washes off quickly and easily along with the unexposed emulsion.

EXILE's Managing Director, Mark Evans, explained the FREEStyler system: "For most textile screen printers the idea of Computer to Screen is very appealing but the financial reality is that, up to now, most Direct-to-Screen systems are just too expensive to justify the return in investment. The FREEStyler is aimed at screen printers who are maybe only making 20 or 30 screens a day.

Most of them will probably be using Ink Jet film positives and the FREEStyler will eliminate the day to day hassle of having to work with film. When you see the FREEStyler in action the argument is utterly compelling. Why add the extra step of having to make a film positive when a direct stencil is much quicker to produce and easier to register on press?"

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