Worldwide Audience for Screen Printing Articles


A new series of articles on screen printing, written by FESPA UK Association's Peter Kiddell, has been launched by FESPA, and will be delivered to a worldwide audience.
The first article - The Future of Screen Printing - is now on the website. This will be followed by further monthly articles, posted on the website and emailed to over 100,000 subscribers to the FESPA World news email.

Acknowledged as one of the industry's foremost experts in the screen printing process, Peter was asked to write the articles to provide a view on current developments in screen printing and what the future may hold in store. In his first article he goes back to basics to look at the fundamental elements required in the process and the part they play.

Peter's article also looks at the different types of screen printing presses available and their different specialisms.

Commented Peter: "I was pleased to be asked to put together these articles on behalf of FESPA UK Association, to give an informed viewpoint on what is a very exciting time for screen printing. There is still an awful lot of mis-information and misconceptions about screen printing and this will be an opportunity to put the record straight."

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