New Member - David Atchinson Consulting


David is arguably the most experienced independent consultant in the Point of Sale Industry. From his base in Cumbria, he travels the world dealing with seemingly intractable issues.

With many decades in the industry David has decided to share is expertise with companies wishing to move into automation and embrace the digital infrastructures crucial to adopt the future of Industry 4.

David’s experience extends from the development of wide format screen printing through its adoption of digital techniques in computer to screen onto the transformation of imaging to digital printing technologies. He has planned and overseen the transformation of substantially manually operated facilities into fully automated production units.

Two of David’s companies are his own Arts Graphiques de France for 15 years, and multinational DS Smith Ely Display for 16 years.

David has a mix of skills that are essential in transforming companies into state of the art manufacturing units.

To contact David ring him on 07766 126 940 or

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