Flagging Up a Skilled Process


If you have ever wondered how those massive fabric flags are made, one of our Members will guide you through the process.
BannerBox are a leading print services provider in outdoor advertising, promotional graphics, and printed banners, and their sister company, Flagmakers, has just produced a wonderful set of "How To" videos, which guide you through the process of sewing various types of flags.

Flagmakers have been making flags since 1837, and as a Gold registered member of the Flag Institute they have access to hundreds of accurate flag patterns.

The first video released was the Union Jack of course! The video walks you through the sewn assembly of the 31 pieces in the Union Jack puzzle. Then you will be guided through how the edge of the flag (headband) is fitted, including the rope and toggle.

Flagmakers' second video features the iconic Canada flag. In the same series you are guided through the manufacture of a sewn appliquéd corporate flag. The final video in the series looks at the process of using printed elements on sewn flags.

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