Dutch visitors enjoy global spirit of FESPA


In the spirit of FESPA global co-operation we were delighted to recently host a UK visit by a group from FESPA Netherlands.

This is how one of the party, Cees Koedijk, reported on the trip...

"A group of 11 people from FESPA Nederland had a wonderful trip on 30th and 31st October, to a number of interesting companies in the UK.

On Monday morning our group of 11 people left for the UK from Amsterdam. Once we arrived at London City airport our mini bus was ready to take us to Augustus Martin, where we had a very interesting visit. Daniel Pattison, the managing director gave us a very detailed presentation of the company and was very open on all aspects of the business. After a tour through the factory we had a light lunch and a chance to ask more questions. Lascalle Barrows joined us during this round up and took an active role in the (strategic) discussion.

After our tour at Augustus Martin we were driven to Stone where we checked in to our hotel. Our evening meal was excellent and we were joined by Peter Kiddell (FESPA UK) and Nick Kirby (Swanline) who were great hosts.

On Tuesday morning we visited Swanline for a presentation and a factory tour. This is a very interesting company, which combines the bulk production for packaging with the possibilities of personalisation in very small quantities by using digital print. We were surprised by the openness of Swanline, who shared with us the company’s future goals.

After a short drive we arrived at our last stop, The Manufacturing and Technology Centre, a technology and development centre that is absolutely unique and so interesting. We were very surprised with an extensive documentation and guidelines regarding how to optimize your production or how to develop and implement new technologies/products.

After a brief farewell from Peter Kiddell, we went to the Birmingham Airport and back to Amsterdam.

Overall a very interesting trip for all those that attended. Some really interesting information to sharpen and brighten the own views, and we gained new business relations among the participants and the hosts.

Our very great gratitude goes to Suzi and Carol who did a lot of organisational work. Which was absolutely fabulous."

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